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A significant proportion of patients with COVID-19 experience some residual or delayed symptoms after the active phase of the disease has passed. Unfortunately, this may also be true for people who have had no severe symptoms or even a mild course of the disease. Any lingering symptoms that persist after COVID-19 are collectively referred to as post-COVID syndrome. Although the name refers to a well-defined condition, both the symptoms and the organ lesions that cause them can be diverse. The SARS-CoV-2 virus can attack the cells of our body and cause lesions in various organs, which are responsible for the longer-term persistence of symptoms. The infection can damage the tissues of the lungs, heart muscles, kidneys, the vascular system and even the nervous system, among many others. The lesions do not always cause obvious physical symptoms, but the after-effects of the infection on the body are also indicated by changes in certain laboratory parameters. In addition to the physical symptoms, the negative psychological impact of coronavirus infection is not negligible, often caused by the trauma of the disease and often by the hopelessness, hopelessness or sense of illness caused by prolonged symptoms. Our COVID-19 post-disease test packages aim to identify the underlying disease lesions and determine the appropriate treatment for post-COVID symptoms.

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