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Post-COVID Examination Package

Post-COVID Examination Package
174 340 Ft
If you have had a more serious illness and want to know what lesions are left after the illness, we offer our Examination Package, which provides a comprehensive check-up. This is our most comprehensive post-COVID investigation package and includes laboratory tests to detect abnormalities caused by COVID-19, a thorough cardiological examination including a stress ECG, a specialist internal medicine examination and a specialist pulmonary medicine examination including instrumented tests to assess in detail the involvement and performance of the lungs. The results of the examination and any further action required will be summarised at the consultation with the consultant internist.
Contents of the Examination package:
  • Full laboratory examination
  • Troponin level test
  • NT-proBNP test
  • COVID antigen rapid test
  • Pulmonary speciality test
    • Lung volume and respiratory function tests
  • Specialist cardiology examination
    • Resting ECG examination
    • Stress ECG examination
    • Cardiac ultrasound examination
  • Specialist internal medicine examination
    • Pulse oximetry
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