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Post-COVID Exploratory Package

Post-COVID Exploratory Package
94 900 Ft
If you have had mild symptoms of COVID-19, have not been feeling well since and would like to know what changes the disease has caused, we recommend the Discovery Package. This includes a detailed cardiological assessment, which will show the condition and performance of the cardiovascular system that is often affected by the disease, as well as a specialist internal medicine examination to assess the general condition of the body, in addition to COVID-19 specific laboratory tests. The results of these tests and any further action that may be necessary will be discussed with you at your consultation with a specialist in internal medicine.
Contents of the Exploratory Package:
  • Full laboratory examination
  • Troponin level test
  • NT-proBNP test
  • Cardiology examination
    • Cardiac ultrasound examination
    • Resting ECG examination
  • Specialist internal medicine examination
    • 6-minute walk distance test to diagnose drop in blood oxygen level on exertion and reduced exercise capacity
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